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Soul Night Events brings you unique events in the world's capital of cool *New York City* and Washington DC area  It has an undeniable commitment to bring you the most exciting events in the New York/Washington DC area. From culturally infused events to an eye-popping lineup of R&B, Hiphop, Gospel, Reggae and international dance music royalty events. Give your New York Experience a certain, 'je ne sais quoi.' ---
Event partners and sponsors

Must be 21 to attend for most events
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Street Chic Generation Bridge Summer White Party:

All our events provide you with a unique opportunity to network with your peers while enjoying fine wine and superb entertainment.
We are reaching out to the select group of companies that are committed to 'the power of  ideas' to support our events. Contact us at [email protected] to forge Sponsorship partnerships.  Each event sparks deep discussions along with entertainment. with leading thinkers and doers of ideas worth spreading. 

We do what we do with the support of community organizations like:

 NY Giants / NY JETS / Carla Hall Cookies /  Olive Garden Restaurant / Uber/ Whole Foods Market / Ponty Bistro / Accra Restaurant 

The Grand African Ball 2022  Saturday September 3rd

Nothing says New York Summer like a stylish versatile party. We are kickig off this Labor Day weekend in Summer with the African party spirit. We’ve rounded up the best in the music genre, making sure you get a side of Afrobeats. .
Street Chic Generation Bridge Summer White Party August 6 2022 

Book your tickets for this mid Summer music soirée. It will be a table with full glasses of wine, plates overflowing with food, and sparkling candles. The only thing that’s missing is you.